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Therapy for kids

Nurturing Potential, Celebrating Milestones

At Rethink Rehab, we believe in the incredible potential of every child. Our children’s therapy programs are designed to support and nurture this potential, helping each child to overcome challenges and flourish. From speech and language development to social skills and beyond, our compassionate team is dedicated to making therapy a positive and impactful experience.

Why Our Children's Therapy Program is Unique

Child-Centered Approach

Our therapies are fun, engaging, and tailored to each child's interests and needs.

Skilled Pediatric Specialists

Our team is experienced in a wide range of pediatric therapy techniques.

Family Involvement

We believe in working closely with families for the best outcomes.

Our Services

Our Diverse Range of Children’s Therapy Services

Speech and Language Therapy

Enhancing communication skills and language development.

Occupational Therapy

Supporting fine motor skills, sensory processing, and daily living activities.

Behavioral Therapy

Focusing on improving social skills, behavior management, and emotional regulation.

Specialized Programs

Tailored programs for children with autism, learning disabilities, and other specific needs.

Fields of Expertise

Understanding and Addressing Communication Challenges

At Rethink Rehab, we recognize the diverse nature of communication and developmental challenges that individuals may face. From speech and language delays to more complex conditions like autism spectrum disorder and dementia, our dedicated team is equipped to provide specialized care and support. In this section, we delve into a range of common communication-related conditions, offering insights into their nature and how our tailored approaches at Rethink Rehab can help overcome these challenges. Our commitment is to empower each individual with the tools and support they need for effective communication and improved quality of life.

Speech and Language Delay

This refers to when a child's speech and language development is slower than that of their peers. 

At Rethink Rehab, we assess each child's unique needs and create personalized therapy plans to enhance their communication skills, helping them catch up to developmental milestones.

Articulation Disorders

These disorders involve difficulty in producing sounds correctly. 

Rethink Rehab's speech therapists use targeted exercises and techniques to improve clarity of speech, making communication easier and more effective.


This speech disorder is characterized by repeated or prolonged sounds, syllables, or words. 

Our therapists at Rethink Rehab employ strategies to reduce stuttering, enhancing fluency and confidence in speech.

Learning Disability

This is a neurological disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive, process, store, and respond to information. 

We offer specialized educational support and remedial teaching at Rethink Rehab to help individuals overcome learning challenges.

Voice Disorders

These disorders affect the pitch, loudness, or quality of the voice. 

Our team provides comprehensive voice therapy, focusing on techniques to improve vocal function and health.

Down Syndrome

A genetic disorder causing developmental and intellectual delays. 

At Rethink Rehab, we provide tailored speech and language therapy to enhance communication abilities and overall development.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This developmental disorder impacts social interaction, communication, and behavior. 

Our multidisciplinary approach at Rethink Rehab includes speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and parental guidance to support overall development.

Hearing Loss

This involves a reduced ability to hear sounds. 

Our audiologists and speech therapists at Rethink Rehab work together to provide therapy and support for those with hearing loss, including those with hearing aids or cochlear implants, to improve communication skills.

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