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Compassionate care is what we provide

At Rethink Rehab, we’re more than just a healthcare provider. We’re a community of dedicated professionals committed to transforming lives through innovative, evidence-based care.

Fathimath Sunaina - Founder, Rethink Rehab
Fathimath Sunaina - Founder Rethink Rehab
Fathimath Sunaina


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Qualified and experienced professionals you can trust.

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Ms. Rosna KK

Ms. Rosna KK

RCI recognized professional
With a Bachelor's degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Ms. Rosna KK brings five years of rich experience in her field. She is deeply committed to making speech therapy accessible to all. Her expertise lies in early intervention, childhood speech and language disorders, and child psychology, reflecting her passion for nurturing young minds.
Ms. Afraa Mariyam

Ms. Afraa Mariyam

Audiologist and Speech and Language pathologist
Ms. Afraa Mariyam, a registered Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist under the Rehabilitation Council of India, holds a BASLP and has three years of professional experience. Her focus on early intervention aims to profoundly impact children's communication, social, and emotional development, showcasing her commitment to early childhood care.
Ms. Hanna Jishar

Ms. Hanna Jishar

Occupational therapist
Ms. Hanna Jishar, a BOT-certified professional in assistive technology and cerebral visual impairment in children, brings a unique blend of skills to the team. Her certification and dedication to children's rehabilitation make her an invaluable asset in addressing diverse developmental needs.
Ms. Sreeshma V

Ms. Sreeshma V

As a Consultant Psychologist with an MSc in Applied Psychology and a Diploma in Management of Learning Disorders, Ms. Sreeshma V specializes in supporting children with special needs. With three years of experience, she adeptly handles emotional, behavioral, and psychological challenges in children and adolescents, and provides remedial training for learning difficulties.

Experienced professionals you can trust

At Rethink Rehab, we pride ourselves on a team of highly experienced professionals who are not just experts in their fields but also deeply committed to your well-being. Trust in our skilled specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and innovative approaches to every interaction. With us, you're in capable and caring hands, ready to guide you on your journey to better health and communication.

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Empowering Lives Through Holistic Care.

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Join us on a journey to better health and a better life. Your well-being is our ultimate goal.

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